REMOVE the BenchCoach from its carry bag and find a clear spot to hang it.

OPEN and UNFOLD the BenchCoach by pulling on the pulling the flap, then unfold with batholders facing you. Tip: fold the closure strap underneath and attach it to the Velcro strip to keep it out of the way

LIFT the bench coach using the top hooks and hang it on the fence starting with the ENDS – not the middle. Make sure each hook is on the same row to keep it level. Tip: lean a player’s bat against the fence to determine how high to hang it.

SECURE the BenchCoach using the two Velcro straps on each side. This holds it taught and secures it front wind or being pulled away from the fence.

HANG the carry bag on the fence using the attached shoulder strap clips


ATTACH the lineup card holder using the Velcro strips on the side wall

INSERT extra shelf compartments if needed by using the built-in Velcro

PERSONALIZE players’ shelves by adding name cards – these can be left all season long

STORE all your gear and bats in the BenchCoach to keep the dugout clear


REMOVE all player gear and equipment, as well as the lineup card. Store it flat in one of the shelf compartments.

DETACH the Velcro safety straps from the fence

UNHOOK the BenchCoach starting at one end, and supporting the rest with your other hand.

LAY FLAT on the ground, letting the shelves collapse and stack on each other

FOLD the BenchCoach in half and secure with the closure strap