Tommy Ganz, Director of Baseball Operations

New England Baseball Academy

BenchCoach dugout organizer selected as Best show product

The BenchCoach selected as Best
of Show product at 2009 ABCA Convention

Chevy Youth Baseball Equipment

The BenchCoach selected for Chevrolet’s National Youth Baseball Program – over 300 units to be distributed through Regional Chevrolet Dealerships (read more)

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I was impressed with his product and appreciate you guys thinking of our group. I thought the product was well thought out, compact, constructed well, and versatile. I would definitely be interested when it’s available.

One thing that I failed to mention relates to my frustration with kids not getting in and out of the dugout. I did notice that we got in and out much quicker last night simply because the kids could put their equipment in a place that was visible versus buried in their bag.

I love this thing and the kids love it. Almost every slot is full – less clutter in the dugout – more organization – easy up and down. Took some time to get it in the bag last night after the game but I’ll get the hang of it.

Another great thing about The BenchCoach is that at this age we’ve been trying to teach the boys how to “pick up” their teammates after we make our last out batting and before it was impossible because everybody’s stuff was all over the place in the dugout. Now they know exactly where each player’s glove and hat is in The BenchCoach.

Thanks for such a great product. I used it the first day last week and the kids loved it. Our first game is tonight and maybe I will not break an ankle stepping on all the clutter that we usually have.

What a pleasure to have all the players ready to hit the field after batting. I was frustrated with “I can’t find my glove” and now I never have to hear that again! The BenchCoach is the best organizational tool I have ever purchased and the quality construction is going to hold up for many years of play. Easy up, easy down, compact design, every player has their “cubby”…what more could a coach ask for!

Really glad I found this product! The players love The BenchCoach as do the team’s coaches. The players love to have a place for their own equipment and water bottles. The bench is no longer cluttered, players get to their positions quicker each inning and best of all there is no more screaming “I can’t find my glove!!!

The BenchCoach is easy to carry, set up and store. It takes about 30 seconds to get it set up and 30 seconds to get back into the carrying case. It had no problem holding all the equipment, including the catcher’s gear, for the entire team.

The makers of The BenchCoach seem to have thought of everything. The pockets on the end are great for the coaches to store extra balls, pitch count clickers, sunglasses, etc.

We received The BenchCoach today and are 100% pleased! I am the team Mom and the coach and I love it. What a wonderful product!

I saw The BenchCoach on display at the Be the Best You Are convention in Cherry Hills, NJ and it is exactly what we need!

Just wanted to let you see a picture of our team with The BenchCoach, the boys love it and our head coach is still raving about how it’s the best thing ever. Our team took 1st place for the league, and also 1st place in the Championship Tournament games. The BenchCoach was a great asset to have during the season as it kept the boys organized, the game flowing w/o interruption, and gave the boys a feeling of being a “big” league team. Thanks again!

Love The BenchCoach… we used it last night for the first time and it really made the dugout look good and neat… it is very well made and was put up and put back pretty easily… a few of the other parents and other coach thought it was very cool… it definitely helped keep the players as organized as they can be at this age… a really nice product!

This is one of the greatest things out there for dugout organization. Before we had a helmet bag, a bat bag and everything else was somewhere in the dugout. I used The BenchCoach this past weekend and the boys loved it as much as the coaches did. Getting in and out of the dugout was very quick and easy, everybody knew exactly where their equipment was. It kept our ballplayers in the game and not looking for gloves, hats, etc., etc. It was an easy cleanup after the the game, everything was in one spot. One of the best things about it was all the compliments on how organized we looked as a team. And many, many question on where I got it from and how it works. I had other coaches from other teams and age levels coming into our dugout to see what it was and how it works. So I pointed them in the right direction. So all I can say is more power to “THE BENCHCOACH” !!!!!!!!!!!!

The thing is sturdy as hell – on its 6th or 7th season – and comes in a nice carry case. It isn’t that heavy – though I do put it in the cart with everything we need (bownet, bucket of balls, bucket of other stuff, first aid kit, etc). Hooks are heavy duty and the material is strong. Can’t say enough about how good it is – and I haven’t stepped in a helmet/bat/anything else in the dugout since I got it. Name tags pocket for each spot, room for catchers gear on the bottom shelf… Yeah this thing is cool.